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Makiko Tanaka Le Paradis du fruit

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Le Paradis du fruit (Le Paradis de fruit) means fruit paradise. It is painted in pencil and watercolor.
Floating in a world like space or a starry sky, the angels carry fruits such as citrons, apples, pears, and cherries. They look like jewelry.
The angelic girls facing each other in the center are meditating, peeling out flowers. The Guardian Angel was drawn with the hope that the bearer will wear it like a talisman.
The various angels and small objects depicted on the entire surface were drawn with the hope that they will be found like a treasure hunt. The image is a monochrome world of fruits, bouquets, and herb-like scents. The handkerchief is like a painting.

Makiko Tanaka
Painter and illustrator.Born in Tokyo and currently lives in France.Mainly works in pastel, oil and pencil.Exhibits in Berlin, Paris, and other countries.

Letter: No.6
Position: Lower right vertical
Thread color: Red

41 x 41cmLinen100%made in Japan

Makiko Tanaka Le Paradis du fruit
Makiko Tanaka Le Paradis du fruit Sale price₱1,200.00

Customer Reviews

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It is very easy to use

Although it is a hemp material, it is a beautiful fabric that is not stiff.
It is very useful because it sucks water well and is very easy to use.
I like the delicate pattern!


The design was wonderful and it was a wonderful handkerchief that was perfect for hemp material. I like the real thing much better than the image. I look forward to this designer's new work again! !

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