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SKU: 081276-0007-01

Makiko Tanaka Angel boy

Sale price₱1,200.00

An angel boy and animals drawn with black quill pen and watercolors.
The wings and clothes are embroidered.

The angel boy loves animals and wakes up relaxed. He is holding a small bird in his right hand, and a black cat kitten is playing in his palm.
A hedgehog and a dog are also playing.

Makiko Tanaka
Painter and illustrator.Born in Tokyo and currently lives in France.Mainly works in pastel, oil and pencil.Exhibits in Berlin, Paris, and other countries.

Letter: No.6
Position: Lower right vertical (under the star)
Thread color: Magenta
Price: ¥550

41 x 41cm100% cottonmade in Japan

Makiko Tanaka Angel boy
Makiko Tanaka Angel boy Sale price₱1,200.00

Customer Reviews

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Paris scent

I chose a gift for a friend.
It's a bit exciting to give a handkerchief with a name.
The design is cute, sullen, urban, and very nice.

My favorite

Initials are put in the angel's chest, and those who have given the present are pleased.

Asako Tanaka's world

It became a real world of painter Asako Tanaka, and purchased it as a reward. A small initial is put on the left chest of the boy according to the orange color applied to the clothes of the angel boy. It is a fun handkerchief that can be enjoyed like a painting.

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