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Handkerchief in cube box

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Packaged in a cute, square, colon-shaped box, this item makes a perfect gift.
The handkerchief is embroidered with a lucky motif and can be carried like a good-luck charm. The handkerchief is small enough to fit in your hand and can be used as a casual gift for both men and women.

The handkerchief is wrapped in a non-woven bag, so it can be given as is.

Horse] A person of insight and wisdom, the joy of victory.
Symbolizes the sun and pulls Apollo's "sun wheel".

Ship] Carries wealth and happiness; victory
When made of wood, a ship was considered a living thing because the spirit of the tree inhabits it

Cherry blossom] Spiritual beauty and elegance
It represents feminine beauty and new beginnings, and has long been considered a symbol of dignity and grace.

Four leaves] Harmony and perfection
Gains fame, wealth, health, and a faithful lover. Symbol of world peace.

【Mekineko】Attracts good luck.
Raised right paw is said to bring good fortune and money.

【Horseshoe】Brings a happy future.
Keeping the open side of the horseshoe facing up brings greater good fortune

Black cat】Brings good luck.
In Europe, it is said that it not only protects us from demons, but also brings us wealth.

Owl] Rich in wisdom and intuition.
A follower of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, it helps increase knowledge and symbolizes intelligence and learning.


45 x 45cm100% cottonmade in Japan

Handkerchief in cube box
Handkerchief in cube box Sale price₱1,000.00

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