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winter plum tree with reddish blossoms

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Ume" is a symbol of vitality and is considered auspicious because it is the first flower to bloom in the cold of winter.
The pattern of twisted five-petal ume petals has long been favored for use on kimonos, family crests, and ukiyoe woodblock prints.
This handkerchief is part of the "Phoenix" series, and is a symbol of good fortune.
Although the pattern is simple, it is carefully finished with the three-dimensionality of the Phoenix Jacquard fabric, hand-printed and hand-rolled.
Motif embroidery can be applied for a limited time!
Why not send a good-luck charm handkerchief with a "pepper" or "black cat" motif embroidery, which signifies good luck?

Letter: No. 9
Position: Lower right vertical
Thread color: white
Amount: ¥550

This product is a [product subject to bodyguard embroidery]. (Limited time only)
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winter plum tree with reddish blossoms
winter plum tree with reddish blossoms Sale price₱800.00
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