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Designed in collaboration with Plantica, a floral art unit led by Takashi Kimura (Creative Director / Kadoist / Flower Artist). Various flowers are designed into one fresh and beautiful handkerchief.The handkerchief is large enough to be used as a neck or lap blanket.

The edges of the handkerchief are staggered and sewn thinly by a sewing machine.Made of American Sea Island cotton fabric.

Each color has a different floral arrangement, so please enjoy your favorite arrangement.

PLANTICA:Plantica is a floral art unit that is involved in a wide variety of flower-related art, fashion, lifestyle, and culture. Plantica is a floral art unit involved in a variety of art direction.

<Initial Embroidery Recommendations
Letter: No. 26
Position: Lower right side
Amount: ¥660
The same color as the handkerchief is recommended for the thread color.
*This item is a larger size.

plantica Sale price₱1,100.00
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