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Tears from Sea n Land

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CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 2023 Runner-up Design



The design theme for the third annual CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 2023 isA world with many tears」。One Grand Prix and two Runner-up Prizes were selected from among 247 entries from 20 countries.

The winners are as follows

Jury Critique

The moment I saw it,I thought the simple designed animals and insects were beautiful and cute, just like a scene from a picture book. When you look closely, you can see that they are all shedding tears and seem to be appealing for something. Creatures from all over the world,lamenting over the earth that has become so polluted! We want the world to return to a world of clear and pure colors! I think such a message is contained in this picture,I chose this work because it seems to contain such a message.

Comment from the author

CLASSICS the Small Luxury includes a familyI feel a wonderful connection with this brand, as I myself used to use it and purchased a limited edition regional model when I went back to my hometown.

And I believe that the best part of an award set up with a slightly mysterious theme such as this one is that it creates time to think about various factors from the big equation of the theme. I am grateful that we were able to set aside such time for this year's event.

Letter: No. 9
Position: Lower right vertical
Thread color: white
Tears from Sea n Land
Tears from Sea n Land Sale price₱800.00
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