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SKU: 080521-0001-01

jewel lace

Sale price₱2,300.00

This handkerchief is made with a white cotton warp and a fine count linen weft, giving it a nice crisp feel. The yarn is 100 count cotton. The lace itself is made exclusively for handkerchiefs and sewn with a special technique to make the seams inconspicuous.The lace, with its jewelry motif, is delicate and full of elegance that will make you sigh.

Column: Bridal handkerchief - a special piece for a special day

Letter: No. 1 (with Swarovski)
Position: Lower right side up
Thread color: light blue
Amount: ¥660

This product is a target product for bridal motif embroidery.
About bridal motif embroidery

jewel lace
jewel lace Sale price₱2,300.00
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