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SKU: 076210-0022-01

bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0022

Sale price₱500.00

Take your dog for a stroll in the city after dressing up in style at the salon.
The handkerchief is reversible, and the round hole in the lower right corner allows you to play with it while enjoying the changes in the pattern peeking through the hole when it is folded. This hole can be used to loop the handkerchief through a belt loop or hang it from a school bag.

All bloomie's handkerchiefs come with a name tag.

Children's handkerchiefs made by a handkerchief maker. We have given shape to children's feelings, such as sitting up and having fun. Japanese handkerchiefs are not only "cute" but also interesting to look at, comfortable to touch, and pleasant to hold.

This handkerchief is reversible, so we do not accept orders for embroidery of initials, etc.
Please note that only envelopes specially designed for bloomie's are available for wrapping.

30 x 30cm100% cottonmade in Japan

bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0022
bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0022 Sale price₱500.00

Customer Reviews

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I was very happy because it was cute.

When I went out, I hooked it on my bag, so it seemed easy to use because I saved the trouble of getting out of my bag.

I am glad that it can be used as a lunch towel because there are holes.

Present to kindergarten children

My child has been using the handkerchief of this series all the time, and it was a very favorite, but since it was no longer available at the store I had purchased, I found it here and purchased it immediately.
Depending on how you fold it, the picture that can be seen from the hole changes, so I think that a small child can enjoy it. This time I made it a present, but I was very pleased.

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