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Memorial Gift

The pleasure of choosing, the pleasure of giving

Company souvenirs, giveaways at events, wedding banquet favors, and more,
We also support bulk purchases.
Please use our service for a variety of occasions.

Recommended Scenes

Souvenirs and promotional gifts for companies
Event giveaways
Gifts at various meetings
Wedding gifts
Gift for mid-year and year-end gifts
Memorial services, memorial services, etc...


Team Matching

As a matching item for a team or a gathering of favorite things or "hobbies".
How about as a power-up for team strength and bonding? Also, as prizes for events such as golf competitions. We have designs featuring golf, music, and other hobbies.
We can embroider commemorative or record numbers, etc., to make it a more memorable piece.

Click here for Hobby Series >.


Wedding gifts

A gift for a special occasion: a wedding gift. We recommend using handkerchiefs embroidered with names instead of seating cards. Match the color of the handkerchief or put your feelings into the design of the initial embroidery. You can choose from 33 different typefaces, ranging from delicate and dainty to large designs with a strong presence.

Click here for more information about embroidery options.


Greetings for life's milestones

 Greetings for life milestones such as transfers, retirement, moving, etc.
We offer a variety of handkerchiefs with unique designs expressing "Thank you".

Click here to see the "Arigato Series" >.


 Congratulatory gifts, commemorative gifts

Novelty gifts for store openings, anniversary celebrations, kindergarten and elementary school graduations, etc. We can make a special piece with embroidered initials or motifs.

Click here for more information about embroidery options.


Various meeting gifts

Gifts for gatherings such as social gatherings, parent-teacher associations, and alumni associations. We recommend the "Third Handkerchief" made of Sea Island cotton and hemp. They are neat and easy to care for, and ideal for daily use, including business occasions.

Click here for the "Third Handkerchief" >.

 Seasonal Gifts

We offer a variety of gifts to enjoy the season from the palm of your hand, including seasonal flowers such as cherry blossoms and the ever-popular "zodiac sign motif. We offer a variety of gifts to enjoy the season from the palm of your hand. We also recommend these gifts for seasonal greetings, mid-year gifts, and year-end gifts.

Click here for handkerchiefs recommended for New Year's greetings.


Novelties with company names and logos
(For corporate customers)

Left: KDDI (INFOBAR 20th Anniversary)
Right: Marunouchi Building and Shin-Marunouchi Building (Marunouchi Building 20th Anniversary and Shin-Marunouchi Building 15th Anniversary)

We plan and manufacture OEM products, taking advantage of our manufacturing know-how accumulated over many years. We provide comprehensive support from planning proposals to the selection of the most suitable factory, production, and quality control according to the customer's needs and product characteristics.

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We do not accept orders at our stores.