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I still like cats.🐾Cat Pattern Handkerchief

 Cat-printed handkerchiefs bring a little happiness to your daily life.

 #Cat Day 


In conjunction with Cat's Day on February 22, we have lined up a collection of handkerchiefs dedicated to cat lovers.

From designs full of love by the designer, who himself is a cat lover, to items suitable for cat-loving men, as well as the brand's signatureHIKKOMIseries.

Here you will find items that will enrich your daily life with your beloved cat.


Cat-print handkerchiefs with unique designs


Watercolor Cat" designed by a cat-loving designer with a touch of watercolor

Watercolor cat print handkerchief

 A hand-drawn handkerchief designed by a designer who loves cats.

Eighteen different kinds of cats are depicted in watercolor, focusing on the "poses" of cats dressed like this!

This is a piece that cat lovers will surely be able to relate to, and enjoy the lovely gestures of cats.

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Furifuri Furi Cat" is also recommended as a gift for cat-loving men.

Furifuri Furikat 

Furifuri Furikat" is a cat with an irresistible expression as it walks freely while wagging its tail.The simple color makes it suitable for unisex use.

It is also a perfect gift for men who love cats.

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 Iconic Cat HandkerchiefHIKKOMIseries" of iconic cat handkerchiefs

 Popular since its launchHIKKOMIhandkerchief.

The comical and cute embroidery of a cat hanging from the edge of the handkerchief has become an icon of the brand.

A little initial embroidery on the tail makes it a special piece.

It is recommended as a quality piece for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

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Country of origin
Country of origin
watercolor catwatercolor cat
watercolor cat Sale price₱800.00
frisky catfrisky cat
frisky cat Sale price₱800.00
HIKKOMI Handkerchief, new color [Hiccup Series] (cat)HIKKOMI Handkerchief, new color [Hiccup Series] (cat)
HIKKOMI Handkerchief, cat [Hiccup Series].HIKKOMI Handkerchief, cat [Hiccup Series].
polka-dot catpolka-dot cat
polka-dot cat Sale price₱800.00
Mick Itaya CURONECOMIC Sale price₱1,000.00
Jewelry CatJewelry Cat
Jewelry Cat Sale price₱800.00
bloomie's [Towel handkerchief cat].bloomie's [Towel handkerchief cat].