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bloomie's handkerchief

bloomie's handkerchiefs will be available starting October 1,We have revised the price of our handkerchiefsWe have decided to change the price of our handkerchiefs effective October 1.
Handkerchief with holes 880 yen → 1,320 yen
Towel handkerchief 550 yen → 880 yen

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Country of origin
Country of origin
bloomie's [Towel handkerchief rabbitbloomie's [Towel handkerchief rabbit
bloomie's [Towel handkerchief - turtlebloomie's [Towel handkerchief - turtle
bloomie's [Towel handkerchief cat].bloomie's [Towel handkerchief cat].
Sold outbloomie's [Towel handkerchief - giraffebloomie's [Towel handkerchief - giraffe
bloomie's [Towel handkerchief - Whalebloomie's [Towel handkerchief - Whale
bloomie's [Towel Handkerchief Koala].bloomie's [Towel Handkerchief Koala].
bloomie's [Towel handkerchief zebrabloomie's [Towel handkerchief zebra
bloomie's [Towel handkerchief - elephantbloomie's [Towel handkerchief - elephant
bloomie's [Towel handkerchief ladybugbloomie's [Towel handkerchief ladybug
bloomie's [Towel handkerchief Bambibloomie's [Towel handkerchief Bambi
bloomie's [Towel Handkerchief Pandabloomie's [Towel Handkerchief Panda
bloomie's [Towel handkerchief sheepbloomie's [Towel handkerchief sheep
bloomie's [Towel handkerchief lion].bloomie's [Towel handkerchief lion].
bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0004bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0004
bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0007bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0007
bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0008bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0008
bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0011bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0011
bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0012bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0012
bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0015bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0015
bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0017bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0017
bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0018bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0018
bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0020bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0020
bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0021bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0021
bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0022bloomie's [Handkerchief with hole 0022