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Article: "None" series is released. 2020.12.29


"None" series is released. 2020.12.29

History drawing Ima Shimomura Tamahiro (Shimomura Tama Hiro)"None" transmitted to Japan drawn by woodcuts.
Reconfiguring the previous modern design for about 100 years,It will be released as a handkerchief. There are six types of types.Woodcut's unique color sloppy and unique color uneveny finished with inkjet prints.

No Momotaro [Momotaro]

No Mika [One-dimensional teacher]

Mukashi no [Urashima Taro]

Nozomi [Monkey Battle]

Nozomi [Wolf's bride]

Mukashi no Nashi [Nori Turtle]


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2021年の干支「丑」柄ハンカチーフが発売 2020.12.26

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バレンタインギフト 1月16日(土)より発売。2021.01.15

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