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Article: 2021 zodiac "" pattern Handka chills launched 2020.12.26

2021年の干支「丑」柄ハンカチーフが発売 2020.12.26

2021 zodiac "" pattern Handka chills launched 2020.12.26

The Handka Chief 2 patterns were released with the 2021 zodiac "" motif.

Hikkomi Ushi

The unique handkerchief HIKKOMI series has newly added 2021 zodiac "" design.It is one piece that expresses the flicker of the handkerchief with embroidery.


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The design of the Hanka Chizu surrounded by the seeds, the design that led out.It is a lovely piece that can laugh.


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オンラインブティック限定 送料無料キャンペーンのお知らせ 2020.12.16

Online Boutique Limited Free Shipping Campaign Notice 2020.12.16

2020 12/16 (Wed) -12/23 (Wed) 13:00 During the above, we will hold a free shipping campaign with online boutiques.Why don't you deliver the feeling of gratitude for a year to Hanka Chief?Friends an...

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"None" series is released. 2020.12.29

History drawing Ima Shimomura Tamahiro (Shimomura Tama Hiro)"None" transmitted to Japan drawn by woodcuts.Reconfiguring the previous modern design for about 100 years,It will be released as a handk...

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