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Article: Release of a handkerchief in collaboration with "Gashoen", an activity of traditional performing arts "Noh".


Release of a handkerchief in collaboration with "Gashoen", an activity of traditional performing arts "Noh".

CLASSICS the Small Luxury focuses on Noh costumes, the costumes used on the stage of Noh, a traditional Japanese performing art.

Starting today, we will be selling a handkerchief designed based on a rare Noh costume from the Shukugawa Noh Stage "Gashoen", a Noh performing group. Each handkerchief is carefully hand-printed to express the delicate patterns and vivid colors of Noh costumes. We hope you will enjoy this "new art" that combines the traditional Japanese beauty of various patterns with the skills of skilled craftsmen.


A beautiful and simple design with geometrical patterns of plants and trees on a deep yellow-green ground that looks like young buds sprouting.

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A powerful design with a vertical pattern of red and gold, expressed linearly with bamboo and bamboo grass motifs.

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A graceful and feminine design of seasonal flowers and grasses blown together by a gentle breeze, and mist patterns expressed in gold pigment.


This brave design uses gold pigment to glitteringly express the ghostly animal Qilin and arabesque patterns.

All of the above are priced at 3,300 yen (tax included)

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About Gashoen

Gashoen is an organization headed by Takuji Ueda, a member of the Kanze school of Noh. It is based in Shukugawa, Hyogo Prefecture, a place with beautiful scenery, and conducts a variety of activities to make Noh more accessible to people of all ages.

" Takuji Ueda says, " Through a variety of activities such as Noh performances, lectures, hands-on classes, introductory classes, and private practice, we hope to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience the traditional culture of Noh.


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