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SKU: 081276-1025-05


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A powerful design with a vertical pattern of red and gold, expressed linearly with bamboo and bamboo grass motifs. The fabric is made of jacquard woven into a cloisonne pattern.Dyeing is done carefully by hand printing. The edges are carefully rolled up three-dimensionally by hand without using a sewing machine.

Letter: No. 9
Position: Lower right vertical
Thread color: wine
Amount: ¥550

What is Gashoen?
Gashoen is an organization led by Takuji Ueda of the Kanze school of Noh theater. Based in the scenic Shukugawa area of Hyogo Prefecture, Gashoen performs a variety of activities to promote Noh to people of all ages.
Noh is a form of theater that is performed in a650Noh is a performing art that has continued uninterruptedly for almost 20 years. We hope that this collaboration will help people understand the appeal of Noh, which has captured the hearts and minds of many people. We hope that many people will come into contact with Noh, a traditional Japanese culture," said Takuji Ueda.

GASHOEN -Bamboo Sale price₱1,200.00
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