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Article: November 3rd (Handka Chief Day) Release Takarazuka Opera Official Shop "Cattle Love" Limited Design Two patterns appear! 2020.11.03

宝塚 ハンカチ

November 3rd (Handka Chief Day) Release Takarazuka Opera Official Shop "Cattle Love" Limited Design Two patterns appear! 2020.11.03

 11Month3Sun (Handkerchief Day) released
Takarazuka Opera Official Shop "Cattle Love" Limited Design2Pattern appeared!
Takarazuka Hanka

2020Year11Month3From the day, Takarazuka Opera Official Shop "Cattle Love (All5We will sell in "store" and "Cattle Lev Online".

The handkerchief design is "large theater lobby" and "duet dance"2I prepared a pattern.

Great theater lobby

Takarazuka Hanka
Takarazuka Hanka

The lobby of the large theater in which the red carpet spreads is a foolish place to visit the theater. Using a glowing diamond jacard fabric, a gorgeous impression1I finished it on the sheet.

Duet dance

Takarazuka Hanka
Takarazuka Hanka

A man who fits the ornate costumes and the daughter role expresses duet dance elegantly dancing to music. Using crash loss jacquard fabric, elegant1I finished it on the sheet.

[Product content]

price: :1,800Circle(tax included)

size: 41 cm×41 cm


Country of origin:made in Japan

[Sales place]

Cattle Leave5Store Takarazuka / Tokyo Theater / His Valley Store / Umeda Store / Fukuoka Store

Cattle Lev Online


Takarazuka Opera

Takarazuka Opera Company is an unusual theater company in the world that the performer is composed of only women. Of course the original works, from the girl cartoon, which is perfect for the world of Takarazuka opera, we perform works that originally originate from boy cartoons, novels, movies, TV dramas and game software, and continue tradition and innovation.

Release date11Month3Day is the day of Hanka Chief

It is the day of the handkerchief on November 3, the release date. Handka chizens appear in "Versailles of Bersailles", which are represents several times with Takarazuka Opera. One of the main people of the story, King Marie Antoinette, at the end of the 18th century, he reigned as a fashion leader of the French court. She was said to have been her square, and it was said that she was selling her square and spreading in France domestically from the Handka chills, which was circular. Such Mary Antoinette's birthday is November 2nd, the day of the culture day the next day, so it was a day of cultural day, and it is decided as the day of Hanka Chizu as a desire to know Handkerchief. I was.



From November 3 "Handka Chief Day" held a present campaign. 2020.10.31

Target store and online boutique5,000that's all(tax included)Classics that can be used as bookmarks and ornaments for customers purchasing·The·Small Luggle Special "Race" will be presented. During ...

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Hamp Check Handka Chief Launches 2020.11.18

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