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Article: Hamp Check Handka Chief Launches 2020.11.18

ヘンプチェックのハンカチーフが発売 2020.11.18

Hamp Check Handka Chief Launches 2020.11.18

Environmentally friendly material hemp.

Hemp that does not need to use chemical fertilizers with a small amount of water is said to be a plant with low soil contamination risk.

Because the characteristics of the material are short fibers, there is a cavity, so it is easy to include air and soft touch. And natural antibacterial and veniability. In Classix The Small Luxury, for the first time as a handkerchief this material is adopted. Design is 5 colors in a check pattern, and the size is about 26 cm that is easy to fit in hand.

Each ¥ 1,500 color) khaki / Brown / Wine / Green / Blue

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