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Article: RE-EDIT started (REDIT) started 2021.2.12

re-edit(リ エディット)はじめました 2021.2.12

RE-EDIT started (REDIT) started 2021.2.12

Re is "again",
EDIT means "editing".

Sometimes in the manufacturing process, there is a handkerchief with very small scratches and dirt on the fabric. Originally it was supposed to be destroyed again, breathed again and it was a newly born product of RE-EDIT.

A piece of handker chizu is checked and used as a pocket chief or a small hand-off, tissue case, and a plug-ket, tissue case, and mask.

With the reproduced product, each one is one point. I'm glad if you find your favorites.


Re-Edit [tissue case]

Size: about 13 x 9 cm £ 11.99


Re-Edit [Drawstring]

Size: about 17 × 23 cm¥1,500


Re-Edit [Mask]

Size: about 19 × 13 cm¥1,000~


Re-Edit [Small Handka Chief]Size: 20x20 cm / 1 pack 4 pieces ¥ 2,000


* Sales started at Roppongi Hills Main Store, Nihonbashi Peach Terrace Store from February 15 (Mon).
*The image is an image. There is a limit to a quantity etc. with one point.
Please note that products handling may differ depending on the store.


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