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Article: A new handle has been added to the basic series. 2021.02.02

ベーシックシリーズに新しい柄が加わりました。 2021.02.02

A new handle has been added to the basic series. 2021.02.02

A new "block check" and "window pen" have been added to the basic series, which expressed basic patterns such as a thousand grid and stripe check.

One full fiber length is thin and strong, strongly, "American Sea AyanUse the yarn of "Docoton".Even though there is a solid feeling of meat, it is a handkerchief characterized by a refreshing skin.It is a simple design, so you can use it regardless of scene or age.

Basic [Block check]

Basic [Window Pen]

Basic [Chidori Lattice]

Basic [Herinbone]

Basic [Gingham check]

Basic [Stripe]


Basic series from here>

Valentine-limited design wrapping is available on Sunday, February 14, 2021. How about a gift for important people?



[Limited time release] Handker chillfish designed by Mickey mouse. 2021.1.16

January 16, 2021Day (Sat) ~We will launch the Handkerchief designed by Mickey Mouse for a limited time of Wednesday, March 31 (Wed). Types are all five. We have prepared various variations desi...

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re-edit(リ エディット)はじめました 2021.2.12

RE-EDIT started (REDIT) started 2021.2.12

Re is "again",EDIT means "editing".Sometimes in the manufacturing process, there is a handkerchief with very small scratches and dirt on the fabric. Originally it was supposed to be destroyed again...

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