Released 2 new handkerchiefs with expressive dogs as motifs

Prior to November 1, "Dog Day", a new handkerchif will be released today.A handkerchief that draws the appeal of dogs from various perspectives will appear.

Circle dog

I drew a variety of one that gives me a colorful life. Take a break near the fountain in the park, wait for a traffic light, and on the sofa. I drew such a figure in a circle -shaped pattern in a pop. It is a piece that makes you smile naturally just by looking at it.

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Meni Dog

A handkerchief that draws about 40 kinds of dogs from the front and arranged regularly. It is a gentle touch that is carefully drawn with a watercolor brush with affection. It is a recommended piece for gifts.

¥ 2,200 (tax included)
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Official Instagram "Dog Day" present campaign is being held