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Article: Official Instagram "Dog Day" present campaign


Official Instagram "Dog Day" present campaign

November1Official to commemorate the day of the dogOn InstagramFollow & comment! We will hold a present campaign.

A handkerchief with your dog's original embroidery will be presented to three people in the world by lottery.


Application guidelines

Please read all the following application guidelines in advance and agree.
Please apply for this campaign.  

【Application period】

202210Moon20Sun (Thursday) ~2022Year11Moon1Sunday (Tue)23:59to

[Product product]

One original embroidery handkerchief based on a photo of your dog will be presented to three people by lottery.

【Application method】

STEP1 Classics the Small Luxury OfficialInstagramAccount @Classics_the_small_luxuryFollow

STEP 2 Comment on "Your favorite dog breed" to posting the campaign and complete the application.

[Winning notification]

Winners will be awarded a direct message from the official Instagram account of Classics the Small Luxury by mid -November.We will guide you to the URL of the shipping destination registration form.
* It must be set to receive direct messages.

[Things to prepare by winners]

Please prepare image data that clearly understands your dog's face. Please attach the image data in the product shipping destination registration form.

[Application rules]

Please agree to the following terms (notes and prohibited items) and apply for the campaign.


● Internet connection fee and communication fee will be borne by the customer.

Those who live in Japan and the destinations are also eligible for those in Japan.

● This campaign may be canceled or changed without notifying the applicant in advance.

● After winning notification1Please note that the winning will be invalid if you do not reply within a week.

● Please note that the application or winning right may be invalidated in the following cases.

・ If the same household has been elected multiple times in the same address.
・ If you unlock the official account from the official account to the receiving direct message.
・ If you cancel the comments on the campaign target by the winning announcement.
・ When the Instagram account has been set as a private setting.
・ If the official account is released before the winning announcement is released.
・ If you apply using an unauthorized account (fictitious account, other person's spoofing account, multiple accounts with the same person).

・ In addition, if there is an unauthorized act regarding the application.

 [Handling of personal information]

● The personal information provided for this campaign will be used by us for the purpose of confirming the application qualification, lottery, and sending prizes.

● We will manage your personal information with responsibility. For more informationClassics the Small LuxuryofWebPublished on the siteprivacy policyplease look at.

 Until the original embroidery handkerchief is created

Winners will send you a photo of your special dog.

Original embroidery based on photosI will make a mold.

Based on the finished embroidery type, we will also put your dog's name together.

 One of the best pieces in the world is completed!

* Based on your dog's photos, we will leave the color of the embroidery design and handkerchief.

* This is a special project commemorating the dog day, so we do not usually provide such services at stores. Please note in advance.



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