EDIT 3rd Carrow Woven Stall Brand "ORIT"

The third bullet of the "Edit" line with the thought to edit our brand item is released from today. Expands the story "ORIT" that the Banshu Woven Cooperation factory is asking for a large Hankchaf's woven fabric of Classix The Small Luxury.

Weaved with an old-fashioned power tissue (Riki Shiki), you can make Mimi that can be seen in denim at the end of the fabric.I made a large format stall that became a circle using it well.

If you put a normally rolled stall, the neck in the circle, it is a versatile stall that can be used in various ways to wear and shawl, and depending on the shawl.Even when using it as a shawl, the fabric is duplicated, so air will be incorporated between the fabric and the fabric.

As a fashion, of course, it is a convenient attemp that you have one in this season with a large summer difference in the morning and evening.

EDIT_ORIT_YU. Each color¥ 11,000 (tax included)
Edit_orit_cen. (Sen) Each color ¥ 14,080 (tax included)

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