CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 2022.Smile(Smile).
In the limited space of a 45cm square campus, people's feelings are moved by "Smile".Smile(Smile)The competition called for designs for handkerchiefs that would become a "Smile." Out of 313 submissions from 30 countries, one Grand Prix, two Runner-up Grand Prix, and six Jury's Special Awards, newly established this year, were selected.

- Award-winning works

Grand Prix

Author:Kazantseva Anna (Poland) Title:Quiet happiness

Jury Critique

The smile can be captured from various angles. It is fun to imagine what kind of smile she is wearing and how she is feeling. I thought this was probably because only half of the face was drawn, and I liked that kind of spreading feeling. It is a work of high perfection, with a composition that expands the imagination, a beautiful composition of colors, and is beautiful both as a handkerchief and as a painting.



Author:Krizan petra (Croatia) Title:give smile from heart

Jury Critique: At first glance, it looks like a white handkerchief.It looks like a white handkerchief, but when you think of it as a gift from a special person, you can feel the love and affection from that person.It is a white handkerchief at first glance, but when you think of it as being given to you by someone special, you may feel a secret joy of carrying around the love of that person.I gave this handkerchief to the person I love, and it made me happy.When you give this handkerchief to someone you love and a heart appears when you open it up, you feel a "thrill".The giver may grin when he or she sees such an expression on the face.A heart that looks like a lip in the middle is painted on it.It is a very simple design.It is a very simple design with a heart in the middle, which can be thought of as a lip.



Author: Hitomi Asaka (Finland) Title: SMILE

Jury Critique

I thought it was a good work because I can relate to the theme of "Smile," which was stripped down to its barest form as a symbol and simply put into graphics, as I myself work in various fields as a graphic designer.


 Jury's Special Award

Author: Emi Natsuyama (Japan) Title: Shiritori

Jury's Comment

I think that a handkerchief is not only used to wipe something or to prevent stains, but also to give a gift of the heart.I thought this work was an enjoyable design that brought several smiles to the audience's faces. I selected this work because I felt that it expands the rich possibilities of handkerchiefs, which are all around us.

Kanako Kajihara (President, KAJIHARA DESIGN STUDIO Co., Ltd. / Textile Designer)


Artist: Takuya Kan (Japan) Title: Dance

Jury Critique

The work looks like a scene of colorful paints bouncing and bouncing randomly, as if abstracted people are dancing hand in hand. The somewhat strong perspective of the work as a whole instantly evoked a feeling of looking at the dancing people from above the plaza, reminding me of the cities of the world I had once traveled to.

In the social conditions of the past few years, when we unintentionally look for scenes of people laughing and happy, I think this work will come out of your pocket and suddenly make you feel lighter.

The pattern is so evenly and randomly distributed throughout that it can be used as a pattern for a handkerchief that can be folded and used.

Takashi Saito (Project Designer / President, Griffon Co., Ltd.)


Author:Kadowaki Rio (Japan) Title:Sora

Jury Critique: Rio Kadowaki (Japan)

The feeling of looking up at the sky.The expression of the shape of the floating clouds was fresh.It looks like the world of science fiction and is very exciting.The coloring of the handkerchief looks beautiful.I can't wait to spend a day out with it.I thought I would be in a positive mood when I go out with it.

Kaoru Takai (Graphic Designer, Sun-Ad Inc.)


Author: Kana Mitsui (Japan) Title: Flower Seeds

Jury Critique:.

Despite the seemingly cute title "Flower SeedsI felt the "toxicity" that caresses the five senses, andvery sympathetic illustration.I liked "Rain and Flowers" as well.I chose the one I would like to have.

Tomohiro Nakayama (Graphic Designer, Sun-Ad Inc.)


Author: Shoichi Yamada (Japan) Title: Smile Heart

Jury Critique

There are many ways of expressing and feeling a smile, but Shoichi Yamada's work is a very unique one.Mr. Shoichi Yamada's smiley heart isWhile using lucky motifs such as stars and hearts, the smiley hearts of Shoichi Yamada are very simple and elegant.The touch of the line is warm and the bright green color is gentle.The bright green color is gentle and makes us feel positive.When this smiling face becomes a handkerchief, it can be used as a handkerchief for a variety ofI think this smile will show various expressions on the soft cloth when it becomes a handkerchief.I feel that the smiley face smiling all over my pocket will bring me happiness.

Kayoko Goto (Designer, CLASSICS the Small Luxury, Blooming Nakanishi Co.)


Author: KARAMAN AAN (Turkey) Title: ENERGZER

Jury Critique

The theme of this year's competition was "SmileI tried to find a work that I myself could see, feel, and laugh at. This work made me smile first when I saw it, and then I thought about what made me smile afterwards.I felt it first, and then I thought about it. I experienced the importance of feeling in today's highly uncertain society through various works.


Hajime Nakanishi (President, Blooming Nakanishi Co., Ltd.)



The Grand Prix and Runner-Up Award winners will have their designs commercialized and sold at CLASSICS the Small Luxury directly-managed stores. The timing of sales will be announced as soon as possible.