Launch of the brand's first Welcome board

The brand's first welcome board, 9/15 (Wed) from the online shop pre-sale, 9-17 (Fri) from the store to start selling.

A three-dimensional and warm welcome board with special embroidery on the soft and light texture of the handkerchief.With the thought to bless a happy day, we have prepared 2 kinds of embroidery designs of"bouquet"and"cake"that are bold and gorgeous never before.

You can choose from 2 titles, "Welcome" and "Wedding", and you can freely customize the name of 2 people, the thread color of the date, and the arrangement, so you can tailor a special piece full of originality.



Various items listed above 14,300 yen (tax included) * Sold in the online shop

As for the reception at the store, it becomes the handkerchief fee + embroidery fee ¥ 11,000 (tax included) to have you choose.
※ This product has you for about 20 days until the finish.

Column Welcome Board -A memorable piece on a happy day-

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