Hikkomi Amabie launched with the desire of plague degradation.

Beaking for long hair, it has a bowl3A figure of a half-day half with a leg. It is a monster Amabie that is transmitted to Japan that is considered to be beneficial to the epidemic.

It appeared in the late Edo period (now Kumamoto) (now Kumamoto Prefecture), and it is said that he predicted the epidemic epidemic and to show its own copy picture to people and disappeared in the sea.

The new pattern "Hikkomi Amabie" is an embroidered Amabie based on blue with an image of the sea. Handkerchief with a wish of plague degradation is recommended as a replacement instead.

Hikkomi Amabie ¥ 2,000



Amabie Handkerchief

Amabie Handkerchief

Amabie Handkerchief



Customers for purchase are prepared with original cards.

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