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Article: Handkerchief, coloring summer.


Handkerchief, coloring summer.

Seasonal Sunflower Handka Teaf launched.

Design how the flower of the large flower is blooming towards the sun. Vivid yellow and blue twin colors. You can use it as a fashion accessory, such as winding on a bag or used as a petit scarf.

Himawari ¥ 2,000

Sunflower handkerchief


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疫病退散の願い込め、HIKKOMI アマビエ発売。

Hikkomi Amabie launched with the desire of plague degradation.

Beaking for long hair, it has a bowl3A figure of a half-day half with a leg. It is a monster Amabie that is transmitted to Japan that is considered to be beneficial to the epidemic. It appeared in ...

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SICカラーシリーズ108色が新発売 2020.8.31

SIC Color Series 108 new colors released 2020.8.31

A piece of "Sea Island Cotton," a product of the Caribbean climate. The Caribbean Sea, with its exquisite climate cycle and small temperature difference between day and night, is home to some of th...

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