Handka chizu also summer prep.

It will want to eat when the hot day continues, cool cool and delicious food.

I feel cool, Ice and Ice Candy Pattern New Released!

Shaved ice handkerchief Mt. Fuji

FUJIYAMA oysters ¥ 2,000


Shaved ice summer handkerchief

Summer feature, shaved ice.

A graphical handkerchief with an impact that looks like Mt. Fuji. It is a cool coloring that is perfect for summer, which shines blue on a white background.

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ICE POP ¥ 2,000

Ice cream handkerchief ice

LotIce candy packed with fruits. A colorful illustration depicting with watercolor touch is one piece that enhances summer.

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Both products also use master seed satin with a slight and smooth material feeling.

Handkerchief does not mean summer?