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Article: We have introduced a new amazon pay payment method.

新しくamazon payの支払い方法を導入しました。

We have introduced a new amazon pay payment method.

We have introduced a newamazon paypayment method.Amazon Pay is a service that allows customers to pay for products using the payment information registered in their account. There is no need to enter your shipping address or credit card information at the time of payment, making it easy to purchase products.We hope you will take advantage of this service.


梅雨の季節を楽しもう!POPな傘柄ハンカチーフ。 - CLASSICS the Small Luxury

Let's enjoy the season of the rainy season! POP Umbrella Handkerchief.

Season of the rainy season. There aren't many people think that it is melancholy day. If there is a vivid color in the rain. Don't you want to open the door of the house in mind. cold rain Rain fal...

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Handka chizu also summer prep.

It will want to eat when the hot day continues, cool cool and delicious food. I feel cool, Ice and Ice Candy Pattern New Released! FUJIYAMA oysters ¥ 2,000   Summer feature, shaved ice. A...

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