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Article: The thought is a special one in the embroidery service.


The thought is a special one in the embroidery service.

Classix The Small Luxury is a Handka Chief Specialty Store,2003Since opening in Roppongi Hills, there has been a "embroidered order" for popular customization services.

This time, Mr. Seiwater, who became an area manager through the store manager of Roppongi Hills main store, and I tried to hear the feelings of embroidery order, embroidery type, episode with customers, and staff involved in customer service.

-Take the content of the order embroidery.

 Seiwa:First of all, if you choose your favorite Hanka Teaf in the store, you will order embroidery together with the staff at the order counter. Classix The Small Lu Guix can freely choose embroidery from more than a hundred types of designs such as alphabets and motifs (animals, constellations).

-When initial embroidery, what flow is it?

 Seiwa:If you embroider initials, you first select a font and then follow the thread color of embroidery. After that, we will select the card of the font you choose on the handker chew and select the placement for embroidering. In the case of storefront, initial embroidery font is33Type, thread color24You can choose from the color. In the case of online boutique11Type of font,18It becomes color thread color.

▲ 上 Upper stage: Initial embroidery table lower part: font card / thread color

-As a lot of options, so I'm going to get lost, but please tell me the point at the order.

Seiwa:For example, as a point to decide the thread color, if you choose a handker chillfish and a slightly darker color, or an opposite color, the initials are visible and recommended as a design. Depending on the combination, the design will spread infinitely.

-What are you recommended for motif embroidery?

 Seiwa:If the initials smell a little illuminated or when I do not know the name of the other party, how is the motif embroidery? We have prepared a bodyguard collection that collected amulet motifs from around the world. Choosing your favorite design, of course, it is also recommended to put messaging by the other party and scene that represents a four-leaf clover that represents good luck and a pepper that represents the amulet. How about carrying it as an alternative to the amulet?

Seiwa:Previously, the kanji named "Sakai" has created "shrimp" embroidery, and it was a very charming finish.

 -All guests seeking originality?

 Seiwa:You can have a little time, but you can embroider customer handling signs and illustrations, such as signature embroidery. This is the world's only handkerchief! It is the ultimate customization. Individual customers are also used as a gift such as a company's anniversary party.

Signature embroidery companies can be original embroidery such as logo and portrait illustration.

 -Do have an episode that was impressive?

 Seiwa:As an episode that was very impressive, I had a successful celebration of a certain project, and I had a successful creation of an original handker chew that randomly put the initial embroidery of all team members. It is very nice to be able to snore through the customer at the opportunity of such a celebration, and I think that it would be a memorable item for the team.

-Do Do you have to cherish to giving a product?

 Seiwa:Products that have been made are gifts, taking into account the design and embroidery arrangement of handkerchiefs.BOXThe moment I opened it, I'm addicted to the most beautiful.

There is no manual, etc., and it is a sense that creates free works with folded paper. The staff of the staff 's arms (laughs) Customers are "nice, so I don't want to take the handker chillfish from the box." If you feel the most excitement and joy for us. There is.

▲ Even with the position of the color and embroidery, even one piece of handker chills, one by one


The thought is a special one in the embroidery service. Everyday Hanka Chiller who spends anything is always a special seat I want to create my ownness. Do you not make your own handker cheeten in the world?

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