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Article: Family matching handkerchief


Family matching handkerchief

September 21st is Respect for the Aged Day.

This year, we propose "matching handkerchiefs" with grandfathers and grandmothers, whom you can't see casually.

The moment you wipe your hands, you suddenly remember your family, or the matching handkerchiefs that you gently slip into your bag or pocket. You may feel embarrassed to have matching handkerchiefs, but isn't it a little bit exciting, like a secret that only your family knows about?

The initial font is the same.
The motifs are the same.
The pattern is the same.

Suggestions for handkerchiefs

Family members with the same initial font

SIC Color]¥1,800

ハンカチ イニシャル刺繍

The simple design of the SIC Color series can be made into a special piece by embroidering initials in the same font! You can choose from 33 different fonts at the store and 11 different fonts at the online boutique.

Click here to learn more about embroidery orders.

The same motif for the whole family

HIKKOMI Inu] ¥2,000

いぬ ハンカチ

This is a handkerchief with a unique embroidered motif of a dog pulling on the edge. "One of the most important gifts is to spend time thinking, "Grandpa is blue," "Grandma is red," or "Dad is yellow.

The same pattern in the family

to be in clover Type B
(Green/Blue) ¥2,000

A symbol of happiness, the four-leaf clover. This piece expresses the overlapping clovers with gradation.

Crystal Apple
(red/green) ¥2,000

りんご ハンカチ

りんご ハンカチ

An impressive piece with apples that look like cut glass. The fabric is a Jacquard fabric woven in a plaid pattern.

For Respect-for-the-Aged Day, this handkerchief can be worn with your family. Why don't you connect your feelings into a shape?

As a token of our appreciation, we will be holding a free shipping campaign for four days only from September 17 (Thu) to September 20 (Sun). Please take advantage of this opportunity.



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