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Article: Thanks Dad! Thank you for telling me.

Thanks Dad!   伝えよう感謝の気持ち。

Thanks Dad! Thank you for telling me.

June 19 (Sun) is Father's Day. Why don't you give a feeling of "thank you!" While thinking of enjoying it with all my might, as well as work, as well as hobbies and play,How about choosing?Introducing a handkerchief tailored to each scene and taste.

Let's send an ale to the dad who is working hard every day

In Japan, "yellow" is being established as the image color of Father's Day.Why don't you send an ale to your dad with a gorgeous and bright yellow yellow color as a key color? Initials with the meaning of cheering and make it a special piece.

Recommended for DadErovola>

A high -quality gem to a discerning dad

For dads who are particular about each one, a handkerchief of "YOSHIDA TYPEA" is recommended. One piece that is carefully woven using the thread of sea island cotton (the finest cotton, Sea Earland Cotton in English), which can only be removed in some areas of the Caribbean. It features a supple and moderate gloss.

The point is also a refreshing and clean blue color. It is one of the commitment you want to add to the usual collection.

YOSHIDA series>

One piece full of select playfulness from dad's hobby

For dads who enjoy their hobbies, have a unique and playful piece. We offer various motifs such as music, golf, camera and wine. A handkerchief can always have your favorite things and things casually. Why don't you choose it according to your dad's taste?

Hobby Series>

For always stylish dads

For always stylish dads, we recommend a simple but fashionable handkerchief. The design of each design, the camouflage, floral dot, and each design are printed on a small -wide one hem. Accent to your usual coordination.

One Hem Series>

Classics the Small Luxury, from June 4, 2022 (Sat) to June 19 (Sunday),"Father's Day Limited Message Card" is available for free.Why don't you tell your dad with the gifts and thank you for your thanks?

The character part was made of glossy silver foil stamping, and the star motif was meaningful, such as "health" and "wealth". I designed it with the image of a smart adult man. It is an original message card with a classical impression with a dark navy edge.

* It will end as soon as it is gone.

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