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Article: Happy rainy day

Happy rainy day 雨の日を楽しく過ごそう

Happy rainy day

We want to feel comfortable and enjoy fashion even on rainy days.
But the sky outside the window is overcast. In such a case, why don't you use a handkerchief to cheer up your mood? Here are various variations of handkerchiefs that will blow away the dreary mood of the rainy season.

Have fun on rainy days

During the rainy season, an umbrella is an item you cannot live without. In addition to lifting your spirits with your favorite umbrella, how about carrying along a handkerchief graphically depicting a rainy scene?

The "Drop Rain" design, in which raindrops are represented by colorful dots, is pop and unique, and if you look closely at the raindrops, you will see candy balls mixed in as well. It is available in two colors, inspired by day and night.

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The "rain" handkerchief expresses rain with colorful straight lines.Four colors are available: blue for "cold rain," green for "rain falling on fresh greenery," orange for "weather rain," and red for "rain before sunset.The colors are available in four different colors: blue, green, orange, and red. Why not enjoy each color according to your mood of the day or the sky?

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Vivid colors for a gorgeous coloring

Why don't you wear cheerful and bright colors on rainy days? Vivid and flamboyant colors will brighten up your mood. The "SIC Color" series comes in 108 colors, including sky colors, sweet colors, salad colors, mineral colors, and other humorous colors.

Once you find your favorite color, you can embroider your initials in your favorite thread color in your favorite place to create a piece you will love. Wear a brightly colored handkerchief and spend a rainy day in fun and fashion.

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 Look up at the sky, unfold a sheet, and feel the air

The ever-changing view of the sky. It shows us various expressions at different places and different times. The "Blue sky" series captures that fleeting moment in the sky. Each handkerchief is designed with a message.
The sky is the limit.

The future is in the sky.

There is always light behind the clouds.

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A must-have item for the rainy season, soothing to the touch.

A towel handkerchief that can be quickly taken out and smartly wiped to remove rain drops. As a must-have item during the rainy season, we recommend this towel handkerchief made from sea-island cotton, which is highly absorbent and pleasant to the touch. The fluffy thickness and hand-held feel of this towel handkerchief is one of the specialties of this handkerchief specialty store.

The fabric surface is cut by a process called shirring, which gives it a velvety, shiny texture, as well as a soft and fluffy feel.The handkerchiefs are available in a variety of designs, from simple solid colors to elegant rose patterns.

How about having two handkerchiefs for different purposes and occasions during the rainy season and hot days to come?

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Why don't you wear your own favorites, such as designs expressing various expressions of rainy days and functional handkerchiefs, to get through the rainy season?


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