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What is Hemp?

Classics the Small Luxury offers a wide variety of handkerchiefs for the bride and groom, as well as welcome boards and thoughtful gifts for guests.

Yui Gifts - Special handkerchiefs to commemorate the meeting of the two families.

At the family reunion dinner, the bride and groom will present a gift of gratitude saying, "Thank you for everything you have done for us. The "Yui Gift" is a memorial gift given by the bride and groom as a token of their gratitude for all that has been done and all that will be done in the future. How about giving a high-quality, special and unique gift that can be used on the wedding day to celebrate the important day when the two families meet?

For example, we recommend using the same font for the "initial embroidery" to create a matching item that can be carried by the groom, the bride's new family, and all three of their families.

Customers who purchase a Yui gift can choose to have it wrapped in mizuhiki ume knot wrapping.


For wedding gifts and seating cards - Handkerchiefs with embroidered initials as a gift for important guests.

Why not give a handkerchief with embroidered initials as a welcome gift to your guests? A simple white handkerchief with a decorative and ornate initial design, suitable for a variety of occasions.
A dainty flower initial on a handkerchief recommended for daily use.
The combinations of handkerchiefs and initial embroidery are endless.
Give shape to your hospitality. Customize it to create an original gift you won't find anywhere else.



Bridal handkerchiefs - a unique piece that makes your style come true

We offer a wide variety of bridal handkerchiefs, from dainty and elegant designs to voluminous lace pieces that will brighten your hand and simple yet unique pieces that will make your hand shine.

In addition, you can choose from more than 100 different embroidery designs, including initial embroidery and motifs, to create a special piece. For those who feel a little shy about wearing matching items in everyday life, matching initials in the same typeface and embroidery thread color will allow you to casually wear the same item. Why not have one for a special occasion?


Welcome Board - A memorable piece of your happy day

A light and warm handkerchief welcome board. Two types are available: the gorgeous "bouquet" and the adorable "cake" motif. You can customize them with names, dates, and other information to create a piece that is full of originality. A welcome board filled with precious memories of the day. After the wedding, why not use it as an interior decoration for your entrance or room, marking a new moment in your life together?


Thank you gifts -Gifts to say thank you

Gifts for receptionists, speeches, and other guests you ask for at your wedding.We offer a wide variety of products, from simple business attire to on/off duty and seasonal designs.


 Five recommended handkerchiefs by wedding dress and kimono type

Your favorite dress or kimono you have chosen for the special day of your life.
Why not coordinate your handkerchief to match the dress?
Click here for recommended handkerchiefs by outfit.