We will deliver it by the courier service of Yamato Transport.

Example) Monday 10:00 am to Tuesday When ordering is completed between 10:00 am → Shipping on Tuesday

※ Sunday orders will be shipped Monday
※ 【Handkerchief embroidery】 【Handkerchief embroidery】 Order in either case is the same shipping schedule.
※ [Handka teen embroidery, 10 or more and more] will be ordered, and we will receive the date of about 1 to 3 days.
※ For convenience stores, bank transfer, our payment confirmation date is the order completion date.
※ All products ordered in online shop will be delivered by shipping. It can not be received at a real store.
※ Summer holidays and year-end holidays are different from normal shipping date.

If there is a designation date, please fill in that effect in "Transmission to the store".

About store receipt

Only the following stores are received.

◆ Nihonbashi Peach Town Store (November 24, 2010 (Tuesday) ~)
◆ Marunouchi branch (December 14, 2020-)
◆ Kobe Motomachi store (January 4, 202) ~)

[About receiving products]
The following products and categories become store receivables.

· SIC series 108 colors
(Ukiuki color, lonest color, flower color, sweet color, empty color, 12 month color, salad color, fruit color, ore color)
· Bridal category (except for some products)
· HIKKOMI series category

【how to order】

1 In the online shop, put the product into the cart and proceed to the purchase procedure.
2 Enter contact information.
If you have a member, please log in and enter your email address if you are not registered as a member.
3 Select the delivery method.
There is a display of shipping or stores.
If you would like to receive a store, please select a store receipt. (shipping fee is free.)
Then go to payment.
The payment method is four types of [credit card, convenience store payment, bank transfer, cash on delivery (payment at the time of receipt)].
Express check-out and PayPal, AmazonPayIt is not available.

After selecting the payment method, click to confirm your order and order it.
If you choose a convenience store payment and bank transfer, the partner company KOMOJU transitions to the screen for payment procedures.
Please be sure to save the screen with a screenshot or the like the payment information displayed.
E-mail of the same content will be delivered to the input email address. Please be sure to save the displayed payment information screen, as it may not reach due to spam email etc.
If there is no payment procedure, the convenience store payment will be automatic after 5 days after ordering, and bank transfer will be automatic cancellation after 15 days.
Convenience store payments and bank transfer will be prepared for delivery after confirmation of payment completion.

[About delivery of product]

Receiving it will be handed over 2 days to 4 days after ordering.
We will contact you by email when the product arrives at the finish.
Please receive your order number and your orderer's full name and tell the store.
We will prepare your order product.
If you selected cash on delivery, please check the product after confirming the product.


We will deliver at EMS.