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Sea Island Cotton (Sea Ayland Cotton)

Caribbean Sea with a few days of day and night and exquisite climate cycle. The world's best cotton is growing in this blessed land. The name is "Cotton Cotton"
Sea Island Cotton English Name:SEA Island Cotton(Sea Ay Land Cotton) is characterized by one-piece fiber length, and characterized by the longer skin texture,High hygroscopicity and durability,It is considered as "fiber gem".


Master seed cotton

"Master seeds (master seeds)" by the mating of Sea Ayland Cotton and Pima Cotton are nurtured on the fertile natural earth followed by Texas from New Mexico. Master seed cotton has a soft feel unique to super-long cotton (thin textile) and a person-friendly hand-held feeling, which is a novel gloss.



Astronability, a decrease in production by global warming. Above all, I woven the 150th yarn that is small and the most delicate and robust and respect. In addition to the sense of Shari and excellent water absorption and excellent water absorption, excellent water absorption, excellent water absorption, it features beautiful gloss and sluggishness.


Indian hand cotton

A thread with a one-piece carefully twisted natural clause by the masterpiece hand is woven up, and it will be a soft warmth and fever that contains air. It is a famous item that is inherited from the age of Mahalaja and continues to evolve further.