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Delivery Date of Products

Shipping method: Delivered by Yamato Transport's TA-Q-BIN.


Example: If an order is placed between 10:00 a.m. Monday and 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, the order will be shipped on Tuesday.

In the case of [handkerchief without embroidery], the shipping schedule will be the same as above.
Handkerchiefs with embroidery: 1~4 piecesPlease allow 1 to 3 days for orders of [1 to 4 handkerchiefs].
Please allow 2 to 4 days for orders of 5 to 10 handkerchiefs with embroidery.
Please allow 8 to 20 days for orders of 11 or more handkerchiefs with embroidery.
If you choose [bridal embroidery] or [bodyguard embroidery], please allow 7-10 days for shipping.
All orders placed through the online store will be shipped. Some stores offer in-store pickup.
*Shipping dates may differ during summer vacation and year-end and New Year's holidays.
SALE items will be shipped in 3 to 5 days.

<About the delivery date specification
If you would like to specify a delivery date, please indicate so in the [Remarks/Inquiries] box on the lower left of the cart.

Shipping method:We will deliver by EMS.

Store pickup is available only at the following stores.
Currently, all stores are out of service.

◆Roppongi Hills Main Store *Currently not available for in-store pickup.
Nihonbashi Ningyocho Store
Fukuoka Ohorikouen Store *Pickup currently stopped at the store.

Store pickupAvailable items

Products that are in stock at the receiving store are eligible.

How to order items for store pickup
(1) Add items to your cart at the online store and proceed to the purchase procedure.
(2) Enter your contact information.
If you are a member, please login. If you are not a registered member, please register from [Click here if you are a new member].
Select the delivery method.
If you wish to pick up your order at a store, please select "Store Pickup". If you wish to pick up your order at a store, please select "Store Pickup".
Proceed to "Payment".
Payment is by credit card only.
Express Checkout and PayPal,AmazonPay,Postpaidare not available.
(5) After selecting a payment methodPlease click "Pay" button.(5) After selecting a payment method, click [Order Complete] to complete your order.

Please note that we do not accept orders for products that are not available in our stores.
For initial embroidery orders, delivery will be 2 to 4 days after the order is placed. For orders of motif embroidery (bridal embroidery or bodyguard embroidery)7 to 10 days after receiving your order. Once the product is in stock at the receiving store and ready to be processed and delivered,We will contact you by e-mail when the items are ready for delivery.
Please provide the order number and full name of the person who placed the order to the staff at the receiving store. We will prepare the ordered items for you.