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Article: 100 people will receive handkerchiefs with Follow & Retweet


100 people will receive handkerchiefs with Follow & Retweet

To commemorate the opening of Official Twitter, a handkerchief of sea island cotton, also known as "jewel of fiber", by lottery100 We will present it to the people who follow & retweeted our account.

There are many opportunities to wipe hands and sweat in the coming season.We will deliver a colorful handkerchief to your hand that will make your heart radiant.



Please read and agree to all of the following application guidelines before applying for this campaign.

【How to Apply】

TwitterIt's a great place to start."@CLASSICS_the_SLFollow us on Facebook and retweet campaign posts.By lottery100We will present a handkerchief of sea island cotton to the guests.

Classic the Small Luxury Official Twitter is here >

*To applyTwitterYou will need an account.

※ This campaign is、TwitterIt is not related at all to the company. 

[Number of prizes and winners]

Sea island cotton handkerchief from 10 colors1Sheet×100Guests

※ Please note that you can not choose the color of the handkerchief.

 【Application Period】

2021Year6Moon7Day (Mon)~6Moon20Day (day)


Those who meet all of the following conditions.

●TwitterIf you have an account with us, please contact us at <url> and we will do our best to help you.

TwitterIf you do not have an account, you can apply if you register new from the following site.

Twitter new registration from here >

● If you live in Japan, the delivery address is also in Japan.

 [Winning Notice]

Winners will receive the prize within 1 week after the end of the application period by sending a direct message from their account on Classics The Small Luxury official Twitter @ CLASSICS_THE_SL.We will guide you the URL of the shipping address registration form.
* It must be a setting that can receive direct messages.

【Terms of Application】

Please apply for the campaign after agreeing to the following terms and conditions (notes and prohibited matters).


● The internet connection fee and communication fee will be borne by the customer.

● This campaign may be cancelled or changed without prior notice to the entrant.

●After winning notification1If you do not receive a reply within a week, please note that the winning will be invalid.

● Please note that your application or winning right may be invalid in the following cases.

- If you have been elected multiple times in the same household or at the same address.
- If you cancel the follow-up of the official account by the time you receive a direct message from the official account.
- If you cancel the retweet of the campaign target post before the winning announcement.
TwitterYou have set your account to private.
- If the official account has been deactivated before the winning announcement.
- When an application is submitted using an unauthorized account (fictitious account, impersonated account of another person, multiple accounts by the same person, etc.).

- If there is any other wrongdoing in relation to the application.

 [Handling of Personal information]

● The personal information you provide about this campaign will be used by the Company for the purpose of confirming the eligibility for the application, drawing a lottery, and sending out prizes.

● We will manage your personal information responsibly.For more informationCLASSICS the Small LuxuryofWebon the site.Privacy PolicyPlease visit <url>.



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