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Article: Announcing the CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 2022. Call for designs for "Handkerchief Day" starts on November 3.

CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 2022 開催のお知らせ。「ハンカチーフの日」11月3日よりデザイン募集開始。

Announcing the CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 2022. Call for designs for "Handkerchief Day" starts on November 3.

CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 2022
A handkerchief can bring a smile to people's faces.

CLASSICS the Small Luxury was launched in 2003 with the concept of "a small luxury in the palm of your hand". CLASSICS the Small Luxury was established in 2003 with the concept of "a small luxury in the palm of your hand". It is based on the know-how cultivated by Blooming Nakanishi, our parent company established in 1879, and the skills and techniques inherited from the company. We are a speciality store of handkerchiefs, which creates original designs for each season by combining the skills and techniques inherited from our mother company, Blooming Nakanishi, founded in 1879, and our modern sensibility.We believe that a handkerchief can contain feelings.

Many customers have chosen our handkerchiefs with their own thoughts and feelings. Our handkerchiefs are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and they gently accompany you in a variety of situations. We believe that a new piece of handkerchief will move you to new emotions and bring you the joy of choosing and using it.

The year is 2021. In the midst of the major changes in lifestyles since last year I would like to keep the handkerchief as an unchanging object.

A handkerchief is something you wipe your hands with after washing.
Something to wipe the sweat from your forehead. Something to wipe away tears running down your cheeks. Something to blow your nose.
People carry them as a part of etiquette at weddings, funerals, and meals.
Some people carry two of them because they are not for themselves but for someone else.
There are various uses and scenes depending on people.

Once upon a time, in the 18th century in Europe, it was used as an aristocrat's work of art or It was used as a gift of love.

Handkerchiefs have always been a part of people's lives, whether in special occasions or in everyday life. Every time you use it, it makes you feel cheerful, or it becomes a talisman to support your desire to do your best. It's also an item to change your mind.

This is the second edition of the CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 2022 The theme of " Smile (Smile)". . Within the limited canvas of 45cm square, we wanted to We are looking for designs that will brighten people's spirits.

Application period

November 3, 2021 - December 31, 22021 November 3, 2021 to December 31, 2021 (Friday) (Japan time)

2. Award

Grand Prix

Prize money of 100,000 yen (approx. US$870)
, commercialization of the design, and sales at directly managed stores

Second Prize

Prize money of 30,000 yen (about US$270)
Commercialization of the design. The design will be commercialized and sold at the directly managed store.

*The prize money will be paid after deduction of withholding tax, special income tax for reconstruction and other taxes.
*The amount shown in dollars is the amount calculated at the time of publication. Prizes will be calculated from the amount shown in Japanese yen based on the exchange rate at the time of payment. ( In the case of entries from outside Japan )

3. Theme

Smile (Smile)

4. Submissions

Handkerchief design ( 45 x 45cm square)

*File type: png, jpn, jpeg, psd, ai

*6MB or less 300dpi or higher resolution

*No hard copies accepted

5. Eligibility

Companies, organizations, individuals, groups, age, gender, occupation, and nationality are not required.

All entries must be unpublished works.

Applicants must agree to commercialize the winning entry.

6. Participation Fee

Free of charge

7. Judges

Kanako Kajiwara (Representative Director, KAJIHARADESIGNSTUDIO / Textile Designer)
Takashi SAITO (President, Griffon Corporation / Project Designer)
Kaoru Takai (Graphic Designer, Sun-Ad Inc.)
Tomohiro Nakayama (Graphic Designer, Sun-Ad Inc.)
Kazu Nakanishi (Blooming Nakanishi Co., Ltd. CLASSICS the Small Luxury Designer)
Hajime NAKANISHI (President, Blooming Nakanishi Co., Ltd.)

8. Announcement of results

To be announced on the official website and official Instagram in February 2022.

9. Sponsor

CLASSICS the Small Luxury Headquarters

Blooming Nakanishi Co.

10. Entry

Entries will be accepted at the following website.

Click here to view the CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 2021 winning entries>.


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