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Article: Limited time Mother's Day Gift Package

期間限定 母の日ギフトパッケージ

Limited time Mother's Day Gift Package

Mother's day gift package is available for a limited time from April 17 (Saturday) to May 9 (Sun). Arrange your favorite Hanka Chief in a colorful flower. We will put in the gift box and you will also have a sticker with a message "THANKS MOM". Please use this opportunity.
※ It will be handled only for direct man and online boutiques.
※ The red thin paper is a round of Marunouchi branch. Other stores will visit at the store. The online boutique store has been left.

■ Customers who wish to envision
When "wrapping" is selected, [Mother's Day Limited WrappingAfter selecting, [Envelope with stickerPlease select.

※ We will miss it for free.
※ The position to stick the sticker is the lower left of the envelope.

■ Gift Box Desired Customers
When "wrapping" is selected, [Mother's Day Limited WrappingAfter selecting,[Box (Flower Arrange)Please select.

· I will put in for free.
· Handka chizu will be rolled with flower arrangement.
· The ribbon is red.

· The position to stick the sticker is the lid of the gift box and the lower left (above the ribbon).
· Number of sheets: Handkerchief 1 to 2 sheets


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