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Article: Introducing Ginza / Wako's handkerchief-CSL for Wako-

銀座・和光のハンカチーフをご紹介 ‐CSL FOR WAKO-

Introducing Ginza / Wako's handkerchief-CSL for Wako-

Ginza / Wako75Year, Clock Tower Completion90A handkerchief commemorating the year9Moon2From Sunday (Friday), Wako Honsta3It was released on the floor, at the Wako Online Store.

Classics The Small Luxury, a visual artist Mick Itaya, who is in charge of this memorable handkerchief design. "Spring, summer, autumn and winter Kimonos"" Hanatori Fugetsu ONELINE"of2Develop the pattern. Each design is packed with a deep appreciation to everyone who has done the same time and a message that wishes for a bright future.2As it is a handkerchief that matches, you can enjoy different designs on the front and back.

Spring / summer, autumn and winterKimonos

Wako handkerchief
Wako handkerchief

A new daily life that revives the era of a modern girl in spring, summer, autumn and winter kimono. The flow of Wako will engrave a bright future with a deep gratitude to everyone. The surrounding clock pattern75The year24As time1The year20Fun, precious time beautifully represents75The “circle = edge” blooms and blooms the turtle shell flowers with red and white love.

Flower bird -like moon ONELINE

Wako handkerchief
Wako handkerchief

Flowers are love, birds are peaceful, winds are in the future, and moon is love story. The surrounding waves are relaxed in peace75With the pigeon of the wings, Wako, who has overcome painful and fun waves75It represents the history of the year. Like a one -stroke draw that is never interrupted76The story of the year will continue.

[Various various types Product Details】

price:3,300Circle(tax included)

size: 48cm×48cm


Country of origin:made in Japan

[Sales place]

Wako Motomoto Store3Floors

Wako Online StoreFrom here>



 TEL: (03) 3562-2111 (Wako representative)

Classics The Small Luxury is developing a handkerchief of various designs designed by Mick Itaya.

Click here for details>


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