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Article: Mr. Hanka Tanaka "Angel" is the theme of handker chief well-being launched!

田中麻記子氏「天使」がテーマのハンカチーフ 好評発売中! - CLASSICS the Small Luxury

Mr. Hanka Tanaka "Angel" is the theme of handker chief well-being launched!

Handka chills in the theme of Tanaka Koji Tanaka, who lives in FranceIt is under sale



At Marunouchi branch, she has been handed over, "food" "There are many handker tues with animals, "Transfer from winter to spring".handkerchief
Round Building 1st floor H. P. FRANCE WINDO GALLERY is being held from Tanaka Girls "Organdy BREATH GIRLS" on June 11 (Thursday).
Please see here for details>
How about touching art in Marunouchi?


Profile | Tanaka Hempa

Painter, illustrator.
She born in Tokyo, living in France
In Shiseido Hanasu Web
GIF column with seasonal ingredients in France
"Fancy Gastronomy" is serialized.
Collaboration with Pierre Erme Paris Japon, etc.
She mainly acts on the exhibition at home and abroad.


【父の日ギフトにおすすめ】メンズハンカチーフ 新色・新柄が登場 - CLASSICS the Small Luxury

[Recommended for Father's Day Gift] Men's Handka Chief New Color and New Pattern Appeared

Men's handker chills will be released one after another in June. A new color appears in popular men's pattern "Pen's" and "Men's Collection" as the first one! Develop four new patterns. Several fac...

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ゴルフシリーズに新柄「ゴルフコレクション」が発売 - CLASSICS the Small Luxury

New pattern "Golf Collection" is released in the golf series

Men's handker teasy is released one after another in June! New patterns and new colors appear in the popular golf series as the second. June 21st is Father's Day. It is also recommended as a gift f...

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