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Article: Handkerchiefs with a limited Haneda Airport pattern to go on sale at ISETAN Haneda Shop (women's) from December 17 (Sat)


Handkerchiefs with a limited Haneda Airport pattern to go on sale at ISETAN Haneda Shop (women's) from December 17 (Sat)

To commemorate Airplane Day on Saturday, December 17, four limited edition handkerchiefs with airplane motifs will be on sale at ISETAN Haneda Shop (Ladies) Terminal 1. These are recommended as souvenirs and commemorative items for your trip.

Grand Heart(Hanedaver.)

The heart-shaped blue sky, the rainbow, and the airplane flying in a straight line express "the excitement before departure" and "the feeling of fulfillment on the way back home".

2,200 yen (tax included)

Men's Collection (Haneda ver.)

A lively pattern of traveling men's items, with the right half on vacation and the left half on business, is filled with the exuberance of travel. The fresh blue color is reminiscent of the sky.

2,200 yen (tax included)

 One-point embroidery Series

Top row, from left to right: "tokyo emb" mid blue, blue
bottom row from left to right: "shiori airplane embu" blue, navy

tokyoembuThe embroidery of an ascending airplane expresses the exuberance of air travel. The word "tokyo" is drawn with airplane clouds.
Bookmark Airplane emb
A piece designed with the hope that "this air travel will be a good opportunity or memory." The motif is an airplane-shaped bookmark, and the word "HND," which represents Haneda Airport, is subtly embroidered inside the ribbon.

Price: ¥2,640

Location of Deployment

0 ISETAN Haneda Shop(Ladies)Terminal1

Location: Haneda Airport No.1Terminal2Gate Lounge on the 1st floor(South) Boarding Gate10Near No.1

The store is located in the departure gate lounge, which is open only to passengers boarding the airplane.

Arriving passengers may use the shop before exiting the arrival lobby.

Phone NumberTEL: 03-5757-8780

HANEDA Shopping Haneda Airport Online Shop

2022Year12Month17Saturday morning0Sales start at 8:00 a.m.


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