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Article: Launch of CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award Winner

CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 受賞作品を発売

Launch of CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award Winner

This is the brand's first "CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award".

Under the theme of " SWITCH," which moves people's feelings, one Grand Prize winner and two Excellence Award winners were selected from 635 entries from 53 countries, and will go on sale on Friday, October 1.

Grand Prize: The picnic

Excellence Award: The cat

Excellence Award: Plan de travail

2,200 each (tax included) Click here for the product list

Click here for more information about the award-winning products.

About CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award

We believe in the pleasure of choosing and using small handkerchiefs that can be designed in the palm of your hand. The brand's first CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award will be heldfromNovember3,2020toJanuary31,2021.

A handkerchief is an item that can change your mind. Every time you use it, it can make you feel cheerful, or it can be a talisman to support your desire to do your best. We called for designs based on the theme of " SWITCH" that moves people's feelings.


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