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Article: CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award Winners Announced

CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 受賞作品発表

CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award Winners Announced

Brand first CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award.

The first design theme isSwitch

Handkerchief that is also an item that switches the feelings so far. It will be amulet to support the feeling that you feel bright and hard to work.

In a limited campus of 45 cm square, the feelings of people move "SwitchWe recruited the design of a handkerchief that would be. From 53 countries, 635 works, a large award-one work, 2 excellent awards.

― Award-winning work ―

Great prize

Author: Szalai-Szabo Hanna (Hungary)

Judging member

While the handwritten pattern was penetrated, handwriting was nice and good. It is a spatial design that is not used as a handkerchief design, and is a subtle balance. I think that it was important to cut, not to put a switch from miscellaneousness, and it was very fit.

Outstanding performance award

Author: KONG JING (China People's Republic)

Judging member

It is possible to change the handker chillfish, and I can change it as "pitting". I felt the sensory healing that everyone felt immediately. It is drawn so beautifully, and the boldness of up expression and composition is also attractive. It is a design that felt the part of the moment the feeling of the moment.

Author: Le Baron Lola (France)

Judging member

Coloring and composition are beautiful. Coloring felt bold, fashion and street with Japanese characters. When I thought that this picture itself is what I am, it is a sea or a mountain ... I can see the beautiful scenery of the air, and I can see that it would be good to meet the time I can not go out.


Kuwahara Nako (Kajihara Design Studio Corporate Director / Textile Designer)
Takashi Saito (Glyphon Corporate Director / Project Designer)
Takeshi Takao (Sun Advanced His Graphic Designer)
Nakayama Tomoya (Sun Ad Graphic Designer Co., Ltd.)
Goto Akira (Blooming Mid-West Co., Ltd. CLASSICS the Small Luxury Designer)
Nakanishiichi (Broaming Mid-West Co., Ltd. Board of Directors)

The Grand Prize works the design and will be sold at the CLASSICS the Small Luxury directly managed store. We will announce the selling time later.

We will contact you separately for the winners (


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