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Article: CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 2024

CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 2024 開催のお知らせ

CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 2024

"Classics The Small Luxury Design Award 2024" will be held from November 3, 2023 (Fri).

We are looking for a handkerchief design from all over the world.
Design theme "Happy"

Classics the Small Luxury started in 2003 based on the concept of "close luxury on the palm." Founded in 1879, founded in 1879 Blooming Nakanishi is the technical and technical technique that has been inherited by making use of the know -how cultivated. And it is a specialty store of a handkerchief that creates original designs for each season by combining modern sensitivity.

So far, we have published a collaboration handkerchief with many artists in Japan and overseas to the world. We pursue that the power of the design is blown into the new attractiveness and possibilities of the handkerchief. In addition to supporting the activities of the artist, I hope that the design will be more intimate to the people, "Classics The Small Luxury" from 2020. Design Award Was founded.

The fourth "Classics the Small Luxury Design Award 2024 designThe theme is"Happy"

A cheerful piece.One piece that brightens the place. One piece that makes you feel bright just by having it.A piece like a buddy that makes you feel positive even when you are depressed.We are looking for a design that makes you feel like "HAPPY".

 * Recruitment starts from November 3 (Fri).

1. Application period

2023Friday, November 3rd year~ 2024 (Wednesday) (Japan time)

2. Award

Grand Prix

・ Award money 100,000 yen (about US $ 668)
・ Design commercialization, sold at directly managed stores.

Semi -grand prix

・ Prize money 30,000 yen (about US $ 200)
・ Conducted design,Sold at directly managed stores.

*The prize money will be paid for deducted taxes such as withholding tax and special reconstruction income tax.
*The amount displayed in the dollar is the amount calculated at the time of publication. The prize money is calculated based on the exchange rate at the time of payment, from the amount displayed in Japanese yen.(In the case of application from abroad)

3. Theme


4. Submitted

Handker chef design (45 × 45cmMasakata)

*File type: png, jpn, jpeg, psd, ai

*Resolution within 6MB300dpithat's all

*Hard copy cannot be received

5. Participation qualification

Companies, organizations or individuals, groups, age, gender, occupation, and nationality do not matter.

The films are unpublished in Japan and overseas.

Those who can agree to commercialize the winning works.

6.Entry fee



Kanako Kajiwara (CorporationKajihara Design StudioRepresentative Director / Textile Designer)
Takashi Saito (Representative Director of Griffon Co., Ltd. / Project Designer)
Kaoru Takai (Sun Ad Graphic Designer Co., Ltd.)
Tomohiro Nakayama (Sun Ad Graphic Designer Co., Ltd.)
Kayoko Goto (Blooming Nakanishi Co., Ltd. Classics the Small Luxury designer)
Nakanishi (Blooming Nakanishi Co., Ltd. President)

8.Result announcement

Announced on the official website and the official Instagram in mid -April 2024

9. Sponsor

Classics the Small Luxury Headquarters

Blooming Nakanishi Co., Ltd.

10. Entry

  * Recruitment starts from November 3 (Fri).

You can download the PDF of the application outline>

Click here for past awarded works





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