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Article: Nihonbashi Ningyocho 8th Anniversary Campaign


Nihonbashi Ningyocho 8th Anniversary Campaign

Nihonbashi Ningyocho Store 8Anniversary, we will celebrate our 8th anniversary on February 2, 2024.February 26, 2024From Monday, February 26, 2024,5,000Customers who make a purchase of ¥2,000 (tax included) or more will be eligible for the "Lucky Capsule Lottery" to win a store-exclusive handkerchief, a free initial embroidery ticket, and other prizes.

Lucky Capsule Lottery

Event Outline


 2024February 26, 2012February 26 (Monday) - 3February 26th (Mon.) - March 16th (Fri.)March 16 (Saturday)The event will end when all prizes are gone.


Amount to be used5,000Yen (tax included) or more, you can participate in the lucky capsule drawing once.

Examples of prizes

A handkerchief with a limited edition Ningyocho pattern and more,Free initial embroidery coupons, pouches remade from handkerchiefs, and walnut buttons are also available.


Examples of prizes

Handkerchiefs exclusively available at the Nihonbashi Ningyocho store

The theme is "Ningyocho," where the store is located, and is created by visual artist Mick Itaya.The design will be newly drawn by Mr. Mick Itaya, a visual artist, based on the "Ningyocho" theme of the store.The kimono pattern depicts sweet foods such as the famous Ningyo-yaki and Taiyaki, and the dress pattern depicts the town's symbol, the Karakuri Clock. This is a special piece designed with an image of something related to Ningyocho and available only at the Nihonbashi Ningyocho store.

The entire staff looks forward to serving you.


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