Classics The Small Luxury Design Award Notice. "Handka Chief Day" Started design recruitment from November 3. 2020.10.27

-Cerning a handkerchief design-

Classics The Small Luxury Concepts "A Dippone Luxury",2003In Tokyo, Roppongi Hills1Open a store. It is a Handka Tea Specialty Store, born from original design and good quality material, beautiful design and polite work. So far, many artists and collaboration handcaffets have been released. We believe that the design of the palm of the palm of the palm of the palm, and the pleasure to choose.

2020 I think that there were many opportunities to hear the word new normal than ever before. In the world where the rapidly progressing at the conventional speed is rapidly, it rushes into a new era in no time and to a new lifestyle. Nevertheless, handkerchiefs are continuing.

Wipe the washed hand. Wipe sweat flowing to the forehead. Wipe the tears that communicate the cheek. A nose.

People who carry around as one of the courtesy of ceremonies and meals. Various applications and scenes by people. That old days,18It seems to have been used as arts possibly with nobles in Europe in the century and love.

Whenever Hanka Chills always have a special scene of life, it is a thing that always snaps. It will be amulet to support the feeling that you feel bright and hard to work. It is also an item that switches the feelings so far.

Yes, Handka Chief influences the emotions of the heart "Switch"45In a limited campus of cm square, we will recruit designs that will be a switch that makes your feelings move.

1. Application Period

202011Month3Day-2021Year1Month31Sun (Japan time)

2. Award

Large prize prize5Ten thousand yen(aboutUS $ 450)

Productization of design

Classics the Small Luxury Sold at a Direct Management

* Prize money pays the amount deducted tax such as withholding tax and reconstruction special income tax.

* The amount displayed in the dollar is the amount calculated at the time of publication. The prize is calculated based on the exchange rate at the time of payment from the amount displayed for Japanese yen.(In the case of application from outside Japan)

3. Theme


4. Submitted goods

Handkerchief design (45 × 45 cmOriginal

* File type: PNG, JPN, JPEG, PSD, AI

* 6MB or less resolution300DPIthat's all

* Not receiving hard copy

5. Eligibility

Corporate, organizations or individuals, groups, age, gender, occupation, nationality is not a question.

Application work is unannounced in Japan and overseas.

If you agree to commercialize the winning work.

6.Entry fee



Nako Sugawara (CorporationKajihara Design StudioRepresentative Director / Textile Designer)

Takashi Saito (Glyphon Corporate Director / Project Designer)

Takeshi Takao (Sun Advanced His Graphic Designer)

Nakayama Tomoya (Sun Ad Graphic Designer Co., Ltd.)

Goto Akira (Blooming Mondo Corporation Classics The SMALL LUXURY designer)

Nakanishiichi (Broaming Mid-West Co., Ltd. Board of Directors)

8.Result announcement

20212Announced on the moon, official website and official instum

9. Organized by

Classics The Small Luxury Headquarters

Blooming Mid-West Corporation

10. Entry

We accept at the following site.

PDF for application outline can be downloaded from here>

-We ARE Looking for Handkerchief Designs-

A specialty boutique 'CLASSICS the Small Luxury' opened in 2003, dedicated to creating the best handkerchiefs in the world. Our designs are constantly refreshed to match the trend and the natural season in Japan. The finest fabric is selected for comfort to the touch. We also have released collaboration works with many domestic and foreign artists. We believe that a small piece of handkerchief can provide rich emotions and can be enjoyed as fashionable accessories for many occasions.

In 2020, We Hear the Word "new Normal" More Than Ever Before. A New Era and A New Lifestyle Came Before We Know. Now, The World Is Changing Rapidly At A Speed ​​So Much Faster Than IT Has Been. We Want To Propose Handkerchiefs THAT REMAIN AS SOMETHING DOES NOT CHANGE.

There are various uses and scenes for handkerchiefs. Drying washed hands, wiping sweat flowing on the forehead, wiping tears down the cheeks, carrying it around as etiquette. In 18th century Europe, it was used as an art object owned by aristocrats and as a Gift of Love.

Handkerchiefs have always been close to us, whether in special occasions or in a daily life. A fine touch may make you relaxed, a favorite design may cheer you up. It may become a talisman to support your hard work.

A Handkerchief CAN BE A Tool to Switch Your feelings.

YES, A Handkerchief Is "The Switch" to Light Up Your Emotions and Mind. We Are Looking for Creative Designs in the Campus of 45 cm square.

1.Due Date

November 3, 2020-January 31, 2021 (GMT + 9)


Grand Prix JPY 50,000- (AppX. US $ 450-)

Commercialization of the Winning Work

ExHibited and Sold AT Our Stores


* The Amount Shown in Dollar is That Calculated at the Time of Publication. The Prize Will Be Calculated According to The Exchange Rate at The Time of Payment, From the Amount Shown in JapanSe.


Design That Switches Emotions and Mind to Brighten


Handkerchief Design (45 x 45 cm square)


* Data size within 6MB, resolution size 300dpi or more

* Hard copies cannot be received


Corporations, organisations, individuals, and groups are all welcome, regardless of age, sex, professional background, or nationality. Entry eligible only for designs never before shown publicly (in Japan, other countries).

Those who agree that we commercialise the winning work



Kanako Kajihara (CEO/Textile Designer of KAJIHARA DESIGN STUDIO Inc.)

Taka Saito (CEO & Projet Designer of Griffon Inc.)

Kaoru Takai (Graphic designer at SUN-AD Company Limited)

Tomohiro Nakayama (Graphic designer at SUN-AD Company Limited)

Kayoko Goto (Designer of CLASSICS the Small Luxury)

Hajime Nakanishi (President of BLOOMING NAKANISHI & Company)


Announced on the official website and official Instagram in February 2021


CLASSICS the Small Luxury Headquarter

Blooming Nakanishi & Company