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Article: Vietnamese handcopical handkerchief


Vietnamese handcopical handkerchief

Vietnamese handcopical handkerchief

Vietnam has been inherited by hand embroidery culture since ancient times.

At the end of the 19th century, the gorgeous embroidery technique of French culture and the polite and detailed technology of Vietnam were bloomed as a new embroidery culture.

The last dynasty of Vietnam, the ancient city of Fue, which flourished as the capital of the Guen. A Vietnamese hand -embroidered handkerchief is made in this city, where the color of history still remains.

The von river flows through the center of the city. Unlike the lively Ho Chi Minh, Hue is a gentle atmosphere.


Studio Hong Phat Hongfat

A Vietnamese hand -embroidered handkerchief has been made at the 32 -year -old studio Hongfat.

Currently, 30 craftsmen are enrolled.

Embroidery in the workshop.

In addition to the workshop, there are craftsmen who embroider at home between child care and housework.


Everything is manual

From embroidery to sewing of hem, everything is completed by hand.

1. Printing of the sketch

After embroidery, use the dye that can be dissolved by washing finished.

2. Embroidery with a handkerchief fabric on the frame

Use glossy rayon yarn and embroider two 120 denier threads.

3. Hem finish

Scalaphem: Cut by hand according to the embroidery curve.

Square sewn France hem

4. Iron finish

Wash the stitched handkerchief carefully by hand and finish it with an iron.

Iron the embroidery part from the back.


Embroidery technique and handkerchief

From embroidery stitches to hem sewing, a handkerchief is created by combining more than 30 kinds of techniques and designs.

A representative technique, which is a representative technology, is often used for expression of roses and petals.

Squeeze the yarn in the needle in a wound coil.

The swelling of the thread due to the alleged needle craftsman.

Because it is manual, the expression of the motif changes slightly for each point.


In addition, it is a combination of embroidery and cut work, and new expression methods are used using lace and ribbons.

-Many Heart-  

The heart is expressed in various techniques like a stitched sample, such as three -dimensional embroidery, shadow stitch, and cut work.

-White Dress-

Bouquet and hat roses are three -dimensional embroidery, soft skirts in a tulle race, and a satin ribbon using satin ribbon.


It is also a unique feature of Vietnam hand embroidery that the number of embroidery thread colors is limited.


Use 16 colors of embroidery threads, aster, spray mum, and turkishikyo are embroidered colorfully.


One piece of discerning

3-4 months for one handkerchief to be completed. Design, thread color scheme, finest and careful hand -embroidered techniques of craftsmen are harmonious, and one piece of commitment is completed.

Please feel the swelling of the thread and the soft texture that is born by the hand -craftsman.

Click here for Vietnamese hand -embroidered handkerchiefs



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