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Article: Introduction of unique handker chief "HIKKOMI cat"


Introduction of unique handker chief "HIKKOMI cat"

A unique handker church "Hikkomi (Hikomi) cat" that expresses the back appearance as if a cat is hanging up at the top left of the handkerchief. It is a standard product of Classix The Small Luxury, which has been loved for a long time since its sale. We introduce three attractions of "design" and "technology" and "material" that were born only because it is a handkerchief specialty store.

 1: Unique design developed from square campus

"Hikkomi Cat" The first attraction is in that design. Speaking of Handka Chills, I think that there are many ways to think of the illustrations of beautiful floral patterns and cute animals, or those who have raced and embroidered.

"Hikkomi cat" instead of designing a square cloth was created under the unique idea that the handica teen has a cats embroidered. It is possible to feel the modeling charm beyond the imagination of the handkerchief so far that the pattern and embroidery are cute.

Is it likely that the cat you were playing will fall
Do you just jump and try to climb
Are you playing down and playing?

Various stories that come up from the back of the cat. A simple configuration that scrapes the imagination of the one to use is also one of the attractions.

2: Sewing technology unique to handkerchief specialty stores

Many of the products of Classix The Small Luxury are sewed by the technology "hand-rolled". "Hand-rolled" is a technique that sews a piece of hand-manually, not a sewing machine, not a sewing machine.

Compared to sewing in machinery, hand-sewing can be adjusted in a proper square and fine expression is possible. Features that become soft and plump finish.

"Hikkomi Cat" is made by "hand-rolled" and "special embroidery technology". It is made by a long-fashioned sewing technique that pulls the upper right of the sewing square cloth and adding a cat embroidered on it.

3: Cotton × Hemp Fabric made with a natural material of commitment

"Hikkomi Cat" is made of 50% natural fiber cotton and a fabric exclusively for handker chillflies that combine 50% of hemp. Fabric woven with cotton and hemp is a bit palty or more than 100% cotton, and is more softer than 100% of hemp. Linen yarn made of flux stalk is excellent in water absorption and feels cool when touching the skin, and is easy to dry. There is also a side that it is easy to become a wrinkle, but since cotton is woven together, it keeps soft feel after washing.

It was born only because it was a handkerchief specialty storePlease take a look at the unique handker church "Hikkomi cat".

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