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Article: Third handkerchief, bouclé

第3のハンカチ ブークレ

Third handkerchief, bouclé

Third handkerchief bouclé

There are several Classics the Small Luxury handkerchiefs that are called the third handkerchief.

The third handkerchief is a new type of handkerchief that is neither too thin nor too thick, practical yet fashionable, exactly between a woven handkerchief and a towel handkerchief.

I would like to talk about one of them, the bouclé handkerchief.

What is a bouclé handkerchief?

It is a woven handkerchief using silk for the warp and bouclé yarn for the weft.


What is bouclé yarn?

Bouclé" means "ring" in French, and is a design yarn made by twisting thicker yarns around a thin core yarn in a frizzled manner, and is characterized by its soft and fuzzy touch. It is often used for cardigans and scarves made of wool, and summer underwear and shirts made of cotton. Classics the Small Luxury handkerchiefs use 70% cotton and 30% nylon bouclé yarn.

About *Silk

Silk is characterized by its elegant luster and smooth texture. Silk is made of the same protein as humans, so it has excellent compatibility and is gentle to the skin. Silk has excellent moisture absorbency and desorbency. Silk yarn is very thin but strong and durable.


*Bouclé handkerchiefs are made in a necktie factory.

More than 13,000 silk yarns are woven on the warp threads, which are neatly lined up, and the weft silk yarns and bouclé yarns are beaten into the warp threads.


Silk warp threads being stretched on a necktie loom.


 The bouclé yarn is woven into the weft to bring out the pattern.


*Designs, instructions, and blueprints

Designs and colors are decided, instructions are made, and the number of yarns and density are determined to come up with a blueprint.

It is very difficult to combine fine silk yarns and thick bouclé yarns, which are many times thicker than silk yarns, in a uniform and well-balanced manner, which requires skill and experience.

After several failed attempts, the bouclé handkerchief was finally completed.


The elegant luster of the silk and the fluffy design expressed by the bouclé. It is not as thick as a towel while having an uneven texture, and its compact size of 23cm x 23cm makes it easy to put in a small bag or pocket.

It is also absorbent enough, and as an added bonus, it doesn't need to be ironed...

It is the "third handkerchief," a new sensation between a handkerchief and a towel.


Variety of colors and patterns

Bright and pop colors for holidays.

Men's-like colors for business scenes.

Chic colors for kimonos.

With a wider variety of colors and patterns, you can enjoy having this bouclé handkerchief every day.


*One more secret

The staggered and paisley patterns have a firm texture, making them easy to slip into a pocket.

The floral and striped borders are soft and gentle. We hope you will take one in your hands and feel the texture you prefer.


Lastly, we would like to inform you of washing instructions. This product is made of 55% cotton, 26% nylon, and 19% silk. Since the proportion of silk is small, you can wash it normally in a washing machine. If you put it in a laundry net, it will be safer because the bouclé threads will not get caught on other things.

Avoid chlorine bleach. Do not use a dryer, as it is sensitive to high temperatures.


Ironing is not necessary, but if you do iron it, please apply a cloth to it at a low temperature.


We hope you will enjoy the new sense of bouclé handkerchiefs.

Click here to see the bouclé handkerchief collection.


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